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If you're a fan of cozy Hollywood bungalows, mid-century meets scandi meets 70's, traditional meets mid-century-english-country, or Target, you've likely hear of Emily Hendersen. Emily is an HGTV host, best selling author, stylist, and Creative Director of Emily Hendersen Studio, a design/style LA based company specializing in mixing eclectic styles on moderate budgets. 

While self admittedly not 100% accurate, Emily recently partnered with Target to create an online version of her How To Find Your Style (Quiz) from her bookStyled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves, and I have to admit, I didn't hate the results. After answering a few questions about what kind of chair I prefer (hardest. question. ever), and how I like to spend my leisure time, the quiz told me that my preferred style is "Zen", an Eastern approach to decorating (or “undecorating”) that focuses on the warmth of materials in a minimalist style. According to Emily (et al), Zen rooms achieve balance, harmony, and relaxation by softening the starkness of minimalism with natural materials, wood accents, and sculptural greenery. Um, yes please.

What does the quiz say about your style? Is it accurate or way off base?

c/o Emily Hendersen

c/o Emily Hendersen