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I say hi-gee, you say hoo-guh

LifestyleRose FriesenComment

The New Yorker called 2016 "The Year of Hygge", Marie Telling at BuzzFeed "tried it", and published this sweet little video educating, and correcting the pronunciation of millions. There's no doubt about it, hygge (pronounced hue-gə or hoo-gə) is here, and it's having a major moment.

Danish in origin, hygge is a noun used to describe a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders feelings of contentment or well-being. So, think warm socks, fireplaces, gatherings, etc.

As a self proclaimed Scandophile, who loathes the thought of winter, I have to admit, any opportunity to cozy things up a bit, and bring a little warmth to the grey months, sounds down right amazing, and these chunky knit pieces from the sweet little Etsy shop Ohhio might just do the trick!